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Vita Hsieh, Director of Early Start Music, is a true artist in music and art and is a early childhood music specialist. Vita fluent in Mandarin. Having earned her Master of Fine Art in Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She used to work in the movie industry at Disney and Sony as a digital painter. Later, Vita found her love as an early childhood music specialist, and studies Master of Music in Music Education with Kodaly emphasis from Holy Name University in Oakland, CA. Vita is also a Orff Schulwerk Level lll certified teacher, from the San Francisco International Orff School.

Vita got inspired to be a music teacher when she started taking Music Together® classes with her daughter. After becoming a trained Music Together teacher, Vita taught music and movement in preschools around the East Bay and San Francisco. In addition to Music Together, Vita teaches a Mandarin curriculum class, GO Mandarin, for parents and kids that she has developed and composed. She also leads an Orff ensemble for kids age 6 and up and is a choir teacher and used to work in Piedmont Choir with Girl Training 1.

Vita plays piano, guitar, ukulele, percussion, and recorder. Vita truly believes music is a critical part of early childhood development and commits herself into building a community which involved all families and their children through music.


Member of:

*Northern California American Orff-Schulwerk Association

*American Orff-Schulwerk Association

*Organization of American Kodály Educators


***Teacher Vita also teach *Orff Ensemble* group class for kids age 6 and up.   And *Pre-Orff group* class for kids age 5-6 years old.  

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     What is Orff?  ----> "Orff Schulwerk" (click link)


Date & Time Class Type Teacher Start and End Dates Register Notes

Newark/Fremont - Underground Fitness II
3900 Newpark Mall
Ste. 104
Newark, CA 94560
map and directions
Friday 9:30 AM Vita 09/06/19 - 11/08/19 Waitlist
Friday 10:30 AM Vita 09/06/19 - 11/08/19 Waitlist

Fremont - Macau Cultural Center
109 J Street, 3 Floor,
Fremont, CA 94536
location map
Sunday 9:00 AM Vita 09/08/19 - 11/17/19 Waitlist
Sunday 10:00 AM Vita 09/08/19 - 11/17/19 Waitlist
Sunday 11:00 AM Vita 09/08/19 - 11/17/19 Waitlist
Sunday 12:00 PM Vita 09/08/19 - 11/17/19 Waitlist

San Leandro/Hayward - DC Dance Center
1555 Washington Ave,
San Leandro, CA 94577
location map
Thursday 9:30 AM Vita 09/12/19 - 11/14/19 Register

Fremont/Newark - Muse's Cave
4127 Bay St .
Suite A
Fremont, CA 94538
location map
Saturday 9:00 AM Vita 09/14/19 - 11/16/19 Waitlist
Saturday 10:00 AM Vita 09/14/19 - 11/16/19 Waitlist
Saturday 11:00 AM Vita 09/14/19 - 11/16/19 Waitlist