If you're NEW to the Music Together® program, this is the best way to find out if our classes are a good fit for you and your child.

Come and try a class for free!  


Our FREE*, no obligation Trial Classes are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.     (For safety reasons, we do not allow walk-ins.)

* We host a demo week for families to come learn about our program in between semesters. 
 Classes during this demo week are always free for NEW families.  

We also allow people to come 

and try an in-session class for the first FOUR weeks of each semester with no obligation to register. 
 Please note that if you do register for the semester, the cost of your trial class will be included in your tuition.
** You may only register for a semester if there is half or more left of the session.


*** Please "TURN OFF (or silent mode)" your cellphone during the class. 


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Visiting Pass: 


If you already attended a Free Sample class with us and would like to try another sample class,

please purchase our Visiting Pass in the Store.


Please check your available space with us before you purchase the visiting pass. 

For safety reasons, we do not allow walk-ins.
(By reserving a spot, you agree to be added to our newsletter distribution list. Our newsletters are informative, educational and offer opportunities for community building.)