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KGM Holiday Fun

"3 Weeks Kids Go Mandarin Holiday Fun"

It is the time to celebrate the Holiday season!

3 week Holiday classes before Christmas. "Kids Go Mandarin Holiday series" is 100% Mandarin immersion music program, you will also receive materials (Book and mp3) form this class. Let's celebrate the end of the year.
The curriculum will be combined methodologies based on the Kodály method and the Orff approach.
Kids Go Mandarin Holiday series will build a playful musical environment for young children. A typical class will include; the "hello song", rhythm play, in-tune singing, body movement/gross motor, puppets, and props play, instrument play, storytime, and the "goodbye song".


  • Sign up for all 3 classes for $60, Sibling $50.  (Tuition detail )
    • OR "DROP-IN" for $25 per class. (Drop-in, please purchase Visiting Pass)  *NO free demo class during Holiday series class. 
  • Kids Age: 0-6 years old
  • Maximum number: 12 kids per class.
  • Class duration: 45 minutes
  • Meeting: 3 weeks (12/1-12/22)
  • Included Mandarin materials and CD.