MT mixed age

Castro Valley & Hayward - Dance Live Dream Center (location map)
Friday, 9:30 AM
04/10/20 - 06/12/20 (10 weeks)



Our essential Mixed Age class is one that a child attends from birth through age 5. Following the recommendations of child development researchers, we foster family-style learning in classes where younger children enjoy watching and imitating the older children who are working on singing in tune and keeping a steady beat. The 45-minute class includes a range of musical experiences, from playful free-movement to instrumental jam sessions, where each child participates at their own level: singing, moving, listening, watching, or exploring instruments. 


During each 10-week session, we explore a different collection of songs that draw from folk tunes mixed with sounds from around the globe and chants in unusual tonalities and meters. Each family brings the music home with a songbook, CD and download code for the mobile app.



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