Teacher Reina


Teacher Reina has been working with children since 2006. She has worked as a nanny, preschool teacher and school-based mental health counselor. Reina loves making music with young children. She believes all children are naturally brilliant music makers. She also believes every grown up has a singer and dancer inside of them and encourages parents to freely let loose during Music Together® classes. What Reina loves most about leading Music Together classes is the bond building and strengthening that happens when caregivers make music with their children. Reina wants to foster this as much as possible because she knows it creates loving relationships that last a lifetime. 

Reina has her BA in psychology, with an emphasis on child development, from Mills College. Alongside her studies, she always made sure she took a music or dance course as well. Reina's primary instrument is her voice but she also plays guitalele (half guitar, half ukulele) and aspires to become a drummer. Of studying vocal improv with Molly Holm at Mills College, Reina says, "It was one of the neatest musical experiences I have ever had: to make music with your voice without any planning or thinking reveals such spectacular surprises; it's quite a fun and enlightening experience, like dreaming while you're awake".