Private Backyard Class


As you know, Alameda County allows "Social Bubble" of up to 12 people (4 families). This Fall, teacher Vita is offering a private group music class (Music Together®  OR  Kids Go Mandarin)  in your backyard for your families and friends, while maintaining social distancing guidelines!  This private group music class will be 40 minutes per class. 


Saturday/Sunday afternoon only. (9/12 to 11/22)

We have several time options for families. 3PM/ 4PM /5PM  (Flexible time if we have multiple open spaces at the day you book)

Single class price: $100

Maxmium: 12 people (4 families)


Please email to arrange your private group lesson.  



♦Special notes before the private group music lesson:


  • While social distancing guidelines are in effect (6 feet away from others), there is zero contact between our teacher and your family.


  • All attendees need to wear the mask. Kids under 2 years old aren't required to wear the mask according to the current Califorina mask guideline 


  • We don't bring instruments or props to share, only for our own use. But please bring out your favorites from inside your house! Something to shake & something to click are good to start.


  • As much as we'd like to, we don't hug or even touch your child, & we won't shake your hand at this time.


  • If your child comes toward us during the session...not to worry! We will stand up and back up, giving you time and space to scoop 'em up. 



  • All families who booked the private backyard music class will be required to sign the waiver before the class starts. 


  • You must complete the payment to reserve your date and time (first come first serve). No refund if you cancel the booked class within 24 hours. You have ONE chance to reschedule.