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Fall Semester 2020 

  • 10 weeks sessions: $165 (regular tuition. No sibling fee)
  • Inlcuded digital download materials and mp3. 


  • 10-week Fall session (9/9 - 11/14)
    • Zoom Live- class will host on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday . Meeting ID will email to everyone. 
      • (NEW) Tuesday (5 PM): 45 Minutes. More interaction between teacher and children. (100% Mandarin)
      • Wednesday (10 AM): 30 Minutes. Limited/reduced interaction. ( 90% Mandarin with 10% English Key words support )
      • Wednesday (11 AM): 45 Minutes. More interaction between teacher and children. (100% Mandarin)
      • (NEW) Friday (4:30 PM): 45 Minutes. More interaction between teacher and children. (100% Mandarin)
      • Saturday (9:40 AM): 30 Minutes. Limited/reduced interaction.  ( 90% Mandarin with 10% English Key words support )
      • Saturday (10:30 AM): 45 Minutes. More interaction between teacher and children. (100% Mandarin)
      • Saturday (11:30 AM): 45 Minutes. More interaction between teacher and children. (100% Mandarin)
    • Mini bonus videos-.  Instrument-making, musical story/story time, sing-along party...etc.  
    • Private Facebook group-. Recorded zoom videos(weekly); Sharing learning ideas, Pop-up Facebook Live, Special event..etc. 
    • Digital download-. Materials will be available to download. (You can print it out or just draw your own.)
    • Music- All songs learning during 10 weeks online classes will be provided MP3. (Dropbox download available)





~ What is Orff Schulwerk? and what is Kodály method? ~





About Registration:
  • Early Start Music Registration is done online on this website.


  • There are absolutely no refunds after the first day of class.
  • If you cancel your registration prior to the first day of class, you will be issued a full refund minus a 3.1% administrative fee. If KGM must cancel the class due to low enrollment you will receive a full refund.     
  • More details on Terms And Conditions.


Drop-In ZOOM online class
  • Kids Go Mandarin has NO Free demo class during 10 weeks semester. Drop-ins are welcome. $20 per child per drop-in. Please buy Visitor Pass per visit. If you decided to sign up the whole semester after drop-in class, your drop-in class will be your first class and the tuition will be deducted. "CONTACT" us by sending email to  to schedule your drop-in.


  • To schedule a make-up, please email to with the date and time you prefer to make up. I will send you the zoom link. 
  • Make-up spots are offered on a space availability basis and must be taken during your current semester.
  • NO Refund after the 1st class started.



網路上課教室守則 (Online Class rules): 



1. 課堂上請不要聊天、如果需要聊天可以在課堂開始前或結束後,我們希望完整的提供良好的音樂環境給到小朋友們,也請不要在課堂上使用手機。

2. 課堂中請不要吃東西,因為這樣會影響到其他小朋友

3. 上課期間請將攝像鏡頭打開. 我們會有互動環節, 需要請家長配合將攝像鏡頭打開.

4. 家長或陪同者的配合很重要,因為你們是他們這個階段的重要陪伴者,你們是孩子們學習的對像也是他們最熟悉的人,所以也是他們最好的老師。如果你們可以全力的配合享受這堂課,孩子們也可以感受到,也會盡全力的感受我們課堂上所做的一切。




8.如果需要補課, 請在"期望"補課當天的前24小時email 到 . "期望"補課的當天早上才傳訊息或寄email來索取ZOOM上課連結的家庭, 一概不予回應.

9.如果孩子生病了, 請讓孩子休息,並利用其他上課時間進行補課。我們的ZOOM上課皆有錄影上傳至KGM秋季臉書社團, 若無法補課, 依然可以觀看影片。


1. No talking in class. “Show don’t Tell.”  Show your child how to use their singing voice vs speaking voice. This will help the children to remain focused.

2. No cell phones/text messages/cameras during class.

3. Please turn on your camera while having class. We have interaction with studnets, the participation is important for your familu and other families.

4. No food during the class. Please feed your child "BEFORE" or "AFTER" the class.

5. Don’t worry about your child’s participation, as long as your child is safe and engaged. Your participation serves as the most important role model for your child. Children learn by observing those around them.

6. Kids are welcome to walk around but for safety reasons, no running during the class.

7. It is normal if children cry during the class, parents could turn off the camera/mute your microphone. Bring kid back to the class when they calm down..

8. Please listen to music anytime, anywhere to enforce the Mandarin learning ability.

9. If you know you are going to miss classes, please schedule your make-up by email to 24 hours in advance before your make-up date. I will send you the zoom link. 

10. If you have a sick child, please rest at home and schedule a make-up class or watch the recorded videos we post on the Fall private Facebook page. 






  • PHONE: (510) 431-2044
  • EMAIL: