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  • Outdoor location and maximum per class:

Saturday (3:30pm / 4:30 pm): Castro Valley (Dance Live Dream Center)- maximum 8 families  ►Location video

Sunday (3:30pm / 4:30 pm): Newark (Young Champions)- maximum 7 families ►Location video


  • 10-weeks session- April 10 - June 13th.
    • 40 minutes, once per week. 
    • Tuition: $240, including:
      • ​Triangle hard copy materials (songbook and CD). 
      • 25 mp3 songs to download at the app "Hello everybody" or on a computer in the "Family Music Zone".


  • Outdoor Class Details
    • Families will be spaced 6ft apart.
    • Restroom: NOT available at Newark location. Restroom is available at Castro Valley location. 
    • Masks- All adults must wear masks. Children 4yrs and older are required as well.
    • Blanket- Families bring their own.
      • Each family must stay on their own blanket during class, including the children. Do you have a busy little one? ...If your child is likely to wander and go visiting, please take a Zoom class instead, so your child can be free to experience the music in his/her own way, rather than being held onto a blanket. We don't like to restrict children in Music Together(!) but in this time of Covid-19, we are making this a rule to keep everyone safe. Busy ones will have more fun and music learning at home, where they can be free and unrestricted.
    • Instruments- A set will be provided to each family for duration of class with no sharing of instruments between other families.
    • Sanitizer: If you forget, we will have some on hand.
    • Masks: All adults must wear masks. Children 2yrs and older are required as well.  If you forget, you can purchase from the teacher on site. 
    • Makeups- Any missed classes will be made up with an online zoom class and not in person. No refunds or credits.
    • Only 1 adult per family registered.
    • Weather- If class is canceled due to rain or excessive heat, class will be held on Zoom. No refunds or credits will be given.
    • Liability Waiver- All registrants will reveive the waiver after registered the class, you must return it by email within 24 hours. 
    • ***(IMPORTANT) Please read the Outdoor policy before register the class HERE.


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