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Music Together Online - Spring

Join us for the Triangle Song Collection this Spring!
This spring we'll jump and jive with "Allee Galloo," go to the beach with "Maria Isabel," and create jazzy rounds with "Hey, Ho, Nobody Home," just to name a few of the 25 songs and chants in the Triangle Song Collection. In addition to your weekly classes, your tuition includes materials for you to use at home, access to the online Family Music Zone, a family newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas, and a family line dance!


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♦ Spring semester (4/5 to 6/13)

25 minutes Zoom class - mixed age. TWICE per week. (Group C. E)

45 minutes Zoom class- mixed age. ONCE a week (Group F)

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 Group C (Mixed-age. 25 minutes)

10:15 AM. Tuesday 

10:15 AM. Friday  

4/6 - 6/11

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Group E (Mixed-age. 25 minutes)

10:15 AM.  Thursday   

10:15 AM. Sunday  


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Group F (Mixed-age. 45 minutes)

11:00 AM.  Sunday  


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Term and conditions


  • 10-weeks session- April 5 - June 13th.
    • Two 25 minutes classes on Zoom per week.  
    • One 45 minutes class on Zoom per week. 
    • 2 recorded videos (session 1 & Session 2) per week from teacher Reina or teacher Vita.  These videos will be posted on our website "Family Portal" with a password-protected private page. Families can access those videos anytime, anywhere for your own convenient time. 
    • Mini bonus videos (on Facebook only).  Instrument-making, musical storytime/story time, Facebook Pop-up Live events...etc.
    • An invitation to our end of semester Zoom Dance Party.


  • Facebook private group - Besides the weekly class videos, families receive an invitiation to join our private Enrolled Families Facebook Group, where they'll have access to fun content like video of instrument-making at home, musical storytime/story time, sing-along party, activity downloads for the kids, and the chance to upload your own videos from home and chat with our community. 

  • Tuition $170 - No sibling fee! We know many of you may be watching these videos with many different members of the family but we are just charging one family fee at this time.  
  • Registration Fee $50 - Book/CD/Ship to home.
    • ​Triangle hard copy materials (songbook and CD). 
    • 25 mp3 songs to download at the app "Hello everybody" or on a computer in the "Family Music Zone".




Wait, screen time?


We know screen time isn’t generally recommended for young children, but here’s the difference: YOU! 

When children stare at a screen and passively receive information, they don’t take it in the same way nor do they learn in the same way as when they have the active participation of a caregiver or parent. So, just like in our classes, you’re still the most important part. A teacher will be on the screen, but it is truly the interaction of the parent/caregiver with the child that will support their music development! We will give you lots of fun activities and ideas to do at home! 

Also, please remember, children do not generally sit still! We don’t expect them to do so in class, so please don’t expect them to at home! You just keep making music with the teacher on the screen, follow along, and have faith your child is getting a ton of info and education from your involvement, even if they move about the room! 


If you are planing to join Zoom Live, please feed your child before the class or after just like you attend the on-site class. And don't forget to put your cellphone away for ONLY 20-25 minutes! Thank you. 



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Term and conditions