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*Fremont Warm Spring location move up to 2nd floor.

Same location, but we are now on second floor. Ste: 232

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* New Classes add on Monday in Fremont Warm Spring location.

9:30 AM.  Music Together® ( English)     Join

10:30 AM.  Go Mandarin    Join

11:30 AM  Music Together with Mandarin    Join 


* New Class add on Thursday in San Leandro location.

9:30 AM.  Music Together ( English)    


* New Classes add on Tuesday/Friday in Castro Valley/ Dance Live Dream.

Tuesday- 10:30 AM.  Go Mandarin    Join

Friday - 11:15 AM Music Together (English)    Join


* New Class add on Saturday in Castro Valley/ Michelle Dance's Explosion.

Saturday - 11:00 AM Music Together (English)    Join




Teacher Vita  also teach private Orff class:


  • *Orff Ensemble* group class for kids age 6 and up.   

  •  *Pre-Orff band* group class for kids age 5-6 years old.  




Email teacher Vita for more information:

What is Orff? ----> "Orff Schulwerk" (click link)







We had several policies changed and new registration announcement.

Please check our:

New Sample A Class policy.

New Make-Up Class policy.